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It's all about the Mentality! If you don't have it #GetIt.

Read about all of our ingredients below or visit our ingredients glossary for more in-depth info!


One of the highest stim pre-workouts in the market today, with no banned or restricted stimulants! With 400mg of caffeine, it already has 50% more than the average, AND we've topped it up with 50mg of theobromine! But we didn't stop there, we've also added proven nootropics, Alpha GPC 98% (600mg!), Acetyl - L - Carnitine (2500mg!) and L-Theanine (200mg!). Each of these have been dosed according to sports related studies to ensure that you get the results that you want! You haven't experienced laser focus until you have experienced a true nootropic concoction 🤓!


Although Acetyl - L - Carnitine and Taurine have shown to improve vasodilation and blood flow, the true king will always be Citrulline Malate, which we have dose at 8000mg! Why? Because that is the dosage used by researchers when investigating the awesome power of Citrulline!


Could a pre-workout make you stronger? It turns out, the answer is yes! Researchers have shown that taking at least 4mg/kg of caffeine prior to exercise produces a statistically significant increase in strength 💪 Combine this with 600mg of Alpha GPC, which has previously shown to be more effective than caffeine, who knows what could happen 😏 There's only one way to find out, right? 


Is it short-term energy you're after? or something that's going to pull you all the way out of that slump?😴 Because we have both! Caffeine (400mg!) can improve wakefulness and alertness to help get you through those rough days, but Citrulline Malate (8000mg! ) and Acetyl - L - Carnitine (2500mg!) could help recovery from chronic fatigue. If you're coming to the gym every day feeling tired, maybe you need more than a caffeine hit. Try something bigger, better and clinically proven.


 What if Citrulline Malate wasn't just for skin splitting pumps? It turns out that on going consumption of Citrulline leads to a significant decrease in muscle soreness after exercise! Come for the pump, stay for the gains 🤷‍♂️ Throw in a little intra-set recovery from Beta - Alanine (4000mg!) and you'll truly unlock the power of amino acids! 

Keep in mind that most of the recovery benefits from these substances come from on going dosing! Also, this dosage of Beta - Alanine is high, but necessary! You may experience paraesthesia (tingling in hands, face and body).