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✓ 5 Stimulants & Nootropics

✓ 3 Recovery & Pump Boosters

✓ Metabolism Boosters & Fat Burners

✓ Doses based on clinical studies

✓ Piperine to Improve Adsorption

✓ Complete transparency; no proprietary blends

✓ Legal & Safe under World Anti-Doping regulations (WADA)

✓ Australian Made


Packed with clinically dosed and research-backed ingredients, MENTALITY Pre Workout will support Pumps, Recovery and Focus better than any supplement in the market today!


Did you know that many common sports supplements can actually improve power output after a single dose? Of course not! Because you've never experienced the correct dosage! MENTALITY Pre Workout contains massive doses of caffeine and Alpha GPC, which have been shown to notably improve power output after a single dose!

Fat Loss

MENTALITY Pre Workout can assist with fat loss from all angles thanks to the diverse, research backed formulation!

✓ Turbo charged fat oxidation

✓ Increased workload

✓ Accelerated recovery

Just Starting?

MENTALITY Pre Workout is not just for experienced athletes. All tubs come with a half-dose scoop, allowing you to make your own decisions regarding the potency of your pre workout beverage!

Clinically Dosed for Maximum Results.

Fuel your mind and body with the right stuff! MENTALITY Pre Workout has been carefully formulated to delivery clinical doses of proven nootropics, stimulants, vasodilators and many more to ensure that you get exactly what you need to have the best MENTALITY.


As Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is a staple in most pre-workouts because it is the most widely researched stimulant and the results are undeniable. The key benefits of caffeine are increasing wakefulness, attention and metabolic rate (BURN MORE CALORIES!), with the secondary benefit of increased power output when dosed 400-500mg.

Beta Alanine

That itchy feeling after you drink a pre-workout, that’s Beta-Alanine. But don’t worry, it’s a harmless side effect of one of the most effective supplements to date. When dosed at 4-6g per day, Beta Alanine can massively improve training volume, leading to harder workouts and better results!

Citrulline Malate

Citrulline is one of the few common pre workout ingredients with both acute AND ongoing benefits. Citrulline delivered as 6-8g of Citrulline Malate has been shown to massively improve workout pumps, maximum training volume AND recovery time.


An excellent supporter for caffeine in any pre workout supplement. Theanine has been shown to massively improve the cognitive benefits of caffeine, while also reducing the negative side-effects relating to anxiety and jitteriness.


This amino acid also has multiple benefits, ranging from muscle recovery to reducing anxiety. Taurine deficiency is common among weightlifters and can have many negative health benefits.


Alpha GPC

or Alpha - glycerophosphocholine

A phenomenal amino acid, capable of cognitive AND physical enhancement. Alpha GPC can be used to improve mental performance, slow cognitive decline AND increase power output when dosed at 600mg or more!


Or Arginine-alpha-ketoglutarate

Increasing dietary arginine is the purpose of supplementing L-Citrulline Malate. Arginine has shown to be excellent for increasing blood flow and nitric oxide for vasodilation, leading to better muscle pumps and improved recovery. MENTALITY Pre Workout increases the bioavailability of Arginine by providing an initial hit of Arginine supplementation AND the more effecive and longer lasting supplementation of Citrulline Malate!


From Cocoa Extract

Chemically similar to caffeine. Theobromine is an excellent stimulant with more subtle and longer lasting effects than caffeine itself. Much like caffeine, theobromine is often extracted from cocoa or cofee and can signifcanly improve cognitive performance.


As Black Pepper Extract

Studies have shown that piperine supplementation may significantly increase the bioavailability of stimulants and nootropics. This ensures that the maximum effect is obtained from supplementation, without requiring exotic chemicals or excessive doses.


As micronised powder

L-Tyrosine is a fairly under-utilized supplement, which is useful at doses 500mg up to 2000mg! It has shown promise to increase excercise endurance, improve cognitive function AND working memory.